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Combination Kebab

Combination Kebab

Choose any 2 meats 
Choose from: Lamb Shish, Chicken Shish, Lamb Doner, Chicken Doner, Adana or Kofte

Kebab (kebap in Turkish, kabab in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, also spelled kebob, kabob; Urdu: کباب‎) means "grilled (or broiled) meat" in Persian and Turkish. Kebab is usually made of lamb and beef. Sometimes chicken and fish are used for some styles. Pork is never used by Muslims but is sometimes used by non-Muslim sellers. Muslims are not allowed to eat pork, for religious reasons.

There are many varieties of kebab and the term means different things in different countries. The generic term kebab usually refers to doner kebab or döner kebap in Europe and to shish kebab in the United States, though its meaning can vary. In South Asia the term can refer to a whole range of items such as Chappali kabab, Shami kabab, Bihari kabab and so on.

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Combination Kebab
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